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When is it best to use VIBRASS?

VIBRASS should be used for at least a few minutes after every strenuous practice or concert or after hours of work at the opera.

Will VIBRASS augment my embouchure?

VIBRASS is not a training product for your embouchure, however its use will loosen your lips. Relaxed lips are a basic requirement for a successful embouchure.

Can I also use VIBRASS before a concert?

VIBRASS can be used before concerts and such for a maximum of one to two minutes because its vibrations will boost the blood circulation in your lips.

Can VIBRASS also be used by students, amateurs and beginners learning to play?

Yes, of course VIBRASS can also be used by students, amateurs and beginners. Especially for people who do not practice every day, the muscles in their lips tend to get tired faster than those of professional players.

Can VIBRASS also aid musicians who have experienced lip numbness?

VIBRASS aids in increasing blood circulation in the muscles used for embouchures and is therefore is helpful for numb lips.

Can VIBRASS damage the lips or teeth?

No, it does not. VIBRASS was invented by professional musicians and tested and developed in practice. VIBRASS is also medically tested.