VIBRASS massages, strengthens and increases blood circulation in the muscles of the embouchure, using your own mouthpiece. This works because of the vibrations produced by the own mouthpiece of the musician.
Höller Markus, Hornist der Camerata Salzburg, langjähriger Solohornist der Tiroler Festspiele Erl, seit 2008 1. und 3. Hornist am Stadttheater Klagenfurt

“A pleasant feeling of relaxation before or after an exhausting job or practice.
The embouchure relaxes in an appropriate manner.”
Wolfgang Vladar, Horn, Vienna Philharmonics

Vibrass is used not only by following musicians

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

No other orchestra has been associated more with the history and tradition of European music than the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Due to their multitude of genius composers and performers, the orchestra’s artistic significance appears extraordinarily unique. For 170 years now, the members of this ensemble from the “capital of music” experienced and shaped musical history throughout an era.


Vienna Art Orchestra

The Vienna Art Orchestra, one of Europe’s leading Big Bands, was founded by Mathias Rüegg in Vienna in 1977. After a short, but actionist start, the young orchestra took Europe’s concert halls by a storm with their postmodern style, somewhere in between Viennese snide humor and avant-garde (Tango from Obango, From No Time to Rag time, The Minimalism of Erik Satie and others). By the end of the 1980s, the constant orchestration of ten years came to an end…(Signs of decay had become visible even earlier.)

La Scala

The Teatro alla Scala in Milan, or just La Scala, is one of the best known and greatest opera houses in the world. It was named after its location, the Piazza della Scala. The square bears the name of the Santa Maria della Scala church, which was erected there in 1381 and named after its benefactress Regina della Scala, wife of Bernabò Visconti. La Scala seats over 2,000 visitors.

Teatro la Fenice, Venice

The Teatro La Fenice (full name Gran Teatro La Fenice die Venezia) is the biggest and most famous opera house in Venice today. After the most important opera house in Venice burned down in the year of 1773, it became difficult for the operating company and the owners, a patrician family, to come to an agreement over the rebuilding. The operating company went ahead and decided to build their own house. Construction began in April of 1790 under the guidance of the architect Gian Antonio Selva.

London Brass

The brass ensemble London Brass emerged from former members of the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble, after Philip Jones had dissolved his group. Members Roger Harvey and David Purser decided to fill this gap and founded the succeeding ensemble London Brass in 1986. The group was able to continue their predecessor’s musical triumphs and regularly toured the world up until the mid-1990s.


Boston Brass

Boston Brass is one of the world’s best brass ensembles.



Michael Nyman Band

Der britische Komponist Michael Nyman (*1944) gehört zu den derzeit weltweit bekanntesten und erfolgreichsten zeitgenössischen Komponisten.


Da Blechhauf´n

Da Blechhauf‘n is an assemblage of seven (supposedly) male human beings, who flocked together to provide old and new school music for mostly other people, and to try to entertain them. It’s basically all about working the brass! Many side trips to other entertainment genres help turn the predictable into the unpredictable. With the help of sound, lyrics, dance and show, Da Blechhauf’n transforms traditional brass music into a paradox.


Vibrass is used not only by following musicians

“Nowadays, if you want to be one of the forerunners, you cannot close your mind to advanced training methods. Scientific findings have been supporting meticulous preparation in sports for decades – whether you’re an amateur or professional. In this field, sports science can teach us, as musicians, a lot! Concentrated practice is nothing more than well-coordinate training. In sports, too much or uncontrolled training can lead to a painful sore. Brass players usually do not experience pain after tenacious studies. The body finds its own way to defend itself. Problems with articulation when blowing a tone in piano, a hardening of the tone and stamina issues are signs of brass players’ soreness. VIBRASS is not a miracle machine that replaces daily practice. The progressively dosed vibration gently massages the lips and shortens the warm-up time. Within five minutes, a musician can achieve the same blood circulation as an hour long warm-up, without having to hold deep notes for hours. VIBRASS improves articulation and tone quality significantly. It is handy and saves time. You can carry it with you at all times and use it an unobserved moment of time, even just for a few minutes. It can be used day and night. Sometimes I use it for a few minutes before going to bed, when my family is already asleep. The positive result is very noticeable the morning after!
Most of my colleagues and students own a VIBRASS device. Everyone is very excited and satisfied with it.”
Konstantin Becker, Teatro la Fenice, Venice