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It is important to us to provide you with competent and extensive help. In case you have any questions regarding your order, a product or our online shop, please, do not hesitate, to get in touch with us.
We would love to help you!


How can I make sure that my order is being processed?

After your order reaches us you will receive an automatic sales confirmation sent to your e-mail. If you don’t receive this message, check your junk and spam folders.

Online Orders

To place an item into your shopping cart, click the button „add to cart“. To complete your order, click on the cart symbol and follow the instructions for placing an order.


How can I pay?

At you can pay via credit card (Visa, American Express, and MasterCard), cash on delivery (only in Austria and Germany), advanced payment or PayPal. Should your order not be available at times, then your previously transferred amount will be refunded immediately to your bank account or credit card.


I have a problem / question, who can help me?

You can reach us under +43 (0) 664 5376484 from Mondays – Fridays or send us an e-mail to


When is it best to use VIBRASS?

VIBRASS should be used for at least a few minutes after every strenuous practice or concert or after hours of work at the opera.

Will VIBRASS augment my embouchure?

VIBRASS is not a training product for your embouchure, however its use will loosen your lips. Relaxed lips are a basic requirement for a successful embouchure.

Can I also use VIBRASS before a concert?

VIBRASS can be used before concerts and such for a maximum of one to two minutes because its vibrations will boost the blood circulation in your lips.

Can VIBRASS also be used by students, amateurs and beginners learning to play?

Yes, of course VIBRASS can also be used by students, amateurs and beginners. Especially for people who do not practice every day, the muscles in their lips tend to get tired faster than those of professional players.

Can VIBRASS also aid musicians who have experienced lip numbness?

VIBRASS aids in increasing blood circulation in the muscles used for embouchures and is therefore is helpful for numb lips.

Can VIBRASS damage the lips or teeth?

No, it does not. VIBRASS was invented by professional musicians and tested and developed in practice. VIBRASS is also medically tested.


How do returns or exchanges work?

You have the chance to return or exchange your order within 14 days after the delivery. Products must be returned to in a single shipment. We reserve the right to reject multiple returns at different times of the same order. We do not cover shipment costs of returns. The purchase price will be refunded to your bank account (IBAN and BIC of your bank account necessary).

How long does my product guarantee last?

There is a warranted 2 year guarantee on your product.


To which countries does ship? ships worldwide.

How does shipping work?

All orders are shipped through our service partner Post.

Is my package insured?

All orders shipped by are insured against theft and damage due to accidents. As soon as the written confirmation receipt is received, this insurance coverage expires.

How do I place an order?

Online shopping is unbelievably easy and a lot of fun!
Click on the link „add“ and make sure your order is complete before you send it off. If you would like to delete an item, then click on „delete“. To continue shopping, click „shop now“. „Proceed to checkout“ will take you to the shipping and payment options. Finish your order. If you are a unregistered customer, please fill out „shipping address“. Make sure you have filled in all the compulsory fields marked with *. If you are already a registered customer, all you have to do is simply login with your e-mail and your password. In the next step you choose your terms of payment. You can pay with credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), opt for pay on delivery (only in Austria and Germany), or pay in advance. Please read our company’s terms and conditions before you send off your order. Each order requires the confirmation that you have read and accept our terms and conditions.

Shipping Costs

Austria 0,00 EUR
EU 5,00 EUR
Worldwide 10,02 EUR

How long does it take to ship my order?

After dispatch, your package should take one to three days to reach you in Austria. International shipping takes three to five days.
To contact us, write us an e-mail to We attempt to reply in 24 hours.